Command-line options

sipperf - a command-line SIP performance testing tool

  sipperf --target sip: [options]
  sipperf --help
  sipperf --version

  -h --help            Show this screen.
  --version            Show version.
  --target=<sipuri>    Outbound proxy for traffic.
  --users-file=<file>  Path to a CSV file containing URIs, usernames and passwords for
                       each user [default: ./users.csv]
  --rps=<n>            Registrations-per-second rate for initial REGISTERs [default: 10].
  --cps=<n>            Calls-per-second rate after initial registration phase [default: 10].
  --max-calls=<n>      Maximum calls to make before exiting [default: 100].